Linking to source code on GitLab?

I’ve enabled the GitLab integration for my my project, but there doesn’t seem to be a way, to establish how build machine source paths map to paths on the GitLab repositories? I was hoping I could click a link in a back-trace and jump to the code on GitLab.

I have added the repositories in the ‘repositories’ section of my project settings, of course.

The stack-trace path is something like: C:\Jenkins\workspace\myproject\git-repo\foobar.cpp and the path on GitLab is something like

This is all with the Native SDK and C++ code, in case it’s relevant. PDBs for the exe are uploaded fine.

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I have the same issue with javascript project. I browsed the docs, but it seems there is no support of linking back individual files to repository. Can we vote such feature request up anywhere?