Loader not loading latest version of SDK

In regards to the Loader Docs - You will always have the newest recommended stable version of our SDK.

When looking at the network requests in the dev tools, it looks like it is loading the https://browser.sentry-cdn.com/4.6.6/bundle.min.js bundle.

The other Docs tell us to load another version <script src="https://browser.sentry-cdn.com/5.0.5/bundle.min.js" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>.

So it seems like the loader is not loading the latest bundle as it says it will. We know that this is still a beta feature, so we were meaning to ask in which direction is the Loader going, should we incorporate it or stick with the “sync” loading of the bundle?


You are too fast :slight_smile:
We merged this PR today this UI should show up soon

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Great, I will check out the updated version.

Does this mean that the Loader is officially a supported feature now, or it is still considered as in “beta”?

We will update the docs to reflect it’s now battle tested and no longer beta.

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