Sentry javascript lazy-loader suggestion

Hello, thank you for your tool. I’ve tried to do this:

Select SDK version to load
If you go into the detail page (Configure button) of your DSN, you are able to select which SDK version the Loader should load. Note that it can take a few minutes until the change is visible in the code since it’s cached.

And I havent found such settings, in sentry control panel. Where is it?

The files at has load for me, while the latest version is 5.4.3. So i just copied all that code into my inline script-tag and fix version manually.
It would be nice if content of that lazy-loader script with latest version would just suggested in docs. Like any other metrica or analytics counter.

thanks for tool.

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Same for me, I can not find that screen:

Have you found it?

Nope. I cant still find that setting.
I downloaded it and changed it manually.

Are you running self hosted?

I had to. Self hosted lazyloading snippet, Something like

@HazAT any idea why we can not see that screen to generate that snippet?

I am not sure with which Sentry version this shipped, if you run the latest version this should be there.

Go to Sentry > Settings > Projects and select the project
Click on Client Keys (DSN)
Click on Configure
There it is