Localising the feedback form

I’m trying to localise the feedback form, can see my current attempt here:

Firstly, I end up with some HTML in my trans tags which is probably not ideal, is there a way to work around that?

And secondly, since the javascript portion isn’t using React, I’m falling back to gettext in the .js file, which I notice isn’t used anywhere else. So I’ve no idea if that will work either, and how that would work with Transifex.

So I’m groping in the dark a bit at the moment, and I will continue doing that, but if you could direct me down the right path and tell me if something like this will even work, that would be great :slight_smile:

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I think there’s two approaches we can use:

  • utilize the JS localization
  • utilize the Django location

Both actually get mapped up to the translation files, so whichever one is readily accessible is probably easier. I’d need to audit it, but I think Django is easier here, and I’m not entirely sure that we have access to the entirety of the React app (with locale/etc).

The main thing is we’d need to say “activate localization” when the feedback form is loaded.

If you want to open a PR we can continue the discussion there, and we’ll definitely accept this when we get it up to par.

We would also love to have this. If there is anything we can do to contribute towards it and help speed things up, we’d be glad to help!