LOGGING AND BREADCRUMBS - AWS Lambda integration with Sentry

Hi guys,

As a follow-up to my old post (Deploy Sentry through CloudFormation using only AWS services), I’ve also went ahead and created an integration for Python which allows you to view your application logs, both in CONSOLE and in SENTRY (as breadcrumbs).

This allows you to easily debug your Sentry errors as you will have all your relevant application logs appended to the Sentry exception - aka “all in one place”.

The integration works just for Python and has been tested against:

  • AWS Lambda
  • AWS Fargate
  • local development

It uses the structlog library to generate the logs and the sentry_sdk to push the breadcrumbs.

Giving credit where credit is due, the integration would not have been possible without the initial work of @TeoZosa and his own work here > GitHub - TeoZosa/structlog-sentry-logger: A multi-purpose, pre-configured, performance-optimized structlog logger with (optional) Sentry integration via structlog-sentry

Without further ado, here are the useful links:

PRs are more than welcome, of course.

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