LogRocket & Sentry - do source maps need to be uploaded to both?

Hi, newbie here - in our project we use Sentry and LogRocket. However we get errors where the source maps don’t seem to work.

The case is that when the exception is firstly thrown through Logrocket.min.js in a stack trace for some strange reason Sentry is unable to map the error to sourcecode. See, there is logrocket.min.js then there are indexWHATEVERHERE.js ? 2 times. thats 2 times is our code. Errors that dont have logrocket.min.js in a stack trace are mapped correctly to the source code instead of indexWHATEVERHERE.js (which are minified bundles, hard to find the real source code behind the error)
So once the exception comes firstly from logrocket.min,js sentry is somehow unable to map the exception to our sourcecode even if its eventually traced to it. If it’s not logrocket.min.js complains about some error in our code - sentry sourcemaps work good.

for some errors it does show source code, for some errors it doesnt - just minified bundles and some h.P() functions which are not really helpful to find the place in our code.

Two samples - one mapped and one not:

Not sure where to start to get it working - with Sentry or with LogRocket.


Bump - does anyone have any thoughts or ideas on this?

What options do we have to get help from the Sentry team on this? Is there anyone we can tag?

I would ask in the GitHub tracker of the JavaScript SDK (https://github.com/getsentry/sentry-javascript) or file a ticket with support if you’re on a paid plan.

Thanks, it’s been a real pain as sometimes it works, and sometimes not.