Looks like the Go SDK is not working

I don’t receive any issues. I tried to create another projects too.

Code example:

package main

import (

func main() {
     Dsn: "https://753...:d59e...@sentry.io/1492112",
     Debug: true,

   sentry.CaptureException(errors.New("my error"))

Debug info:

[Sentry] 2019/06/27 22:15:12 Integration installed: Environment
[Sentry] 2019/06/27 22:15:12 Integration installed: Modules
[Sentry] 2019/06/27 22:15:12 Integration installed: IgnoreErrors
[Sentry] 2019/06/27 22:15:12 Sending error event [b26...] to sentry.io project: 1492112

Hey @zartdinov, with this setup, your go process is being killed before it finishes delivering an event.

You either have to use sentry.Flush(time.Second * 5) or sync transport https://docs.sentry.io/platforms/go/transports/

I agree that it’s not obvious at the first glance and will make sure to update our docs and all code examples.

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Yeah, It works! I should have known :sweat_smile:

It would be nice to update the instructions too.

Thank you so much!