Message sent from Swift SDK not shown in on premise Sentry installation

Hi all,

I have a freshly installed Sentry 21.2 on premise and try to connect it with Swift SDK version 6.2.1 . However the test message was not shown in the dashboard. The swift code is attached below:

// main.swift
// TestCli
// Created by jnlin on 2021/3/5.

import Foundation
import Sentry

SentrySDK.start { options in
   options.dsn = "https://my.dsn@number/"
   options.debug = true // Enabled debug when first installing is always helpful

SentrySDK.capture(message: "Hello Sentry!")
print("Hello, World!")

Does anybody have similar issues? The other SDKs (golang/javascript/php) works fine.

I see the sdk debug is enabled, what does the sdk log print out?

I see the sdk debug is enabled, what does the sdk log print out?

No log was printed out.

Hello, World!
Program ended with exit code: 0

Besides, just made a tcpdump but no event was sent to the sentry server.

Hi All,

Just fixed with a sleep(10) to make sure the event was successfully sent via HTTPS.

subscribe to this issue and upvote API to send all the reported events and crashes · Issue #316 · getsentry/sentry-cocoa · GitHub
it’s pretty much a feature request that would solve this “problem”.

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