Manage saved searches as member

Hi all,

how do I remove my previously saved search in sentry? My authorization level is “Member”.

Steps to Reproduce:

  • Entering project, select the option for getting search result you want
  • Press the button to save current search
  • Press the button “Manage” to see a list of all of my searches
  • There is no option to remove my search…

When I switch to authorization level “Admin” I can remove my searches, but I can’t see the previously created searches which I created as member.

Can somebody help? Thanks in advance

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I have the same issue. I had a search which I named incorrectly and I can’t remove it or rename it. When the search is created it says that it’s for “me only”, so I should also be able to delete it myself.

Now, there is also a GitHub issue. Sentry support mentioned, there will be some improvements in the near future related to saved searches.