Message passed to captureMessage shows oddly in UI

Hi there,

I have a piece a code that does this:

withScope(scope => {
    scope.setExtra("request", {
        body: stringifiedBody,
        headers: mergedHeaders,

     scope.setExtra("response", { ...resBody, status: res.status });

     captureMessage(`${method} ${path}: HTTP ${res.status} error`, {
         level: "error",

This, however, makes it so that in the show this is shown:

That “String” part is specially weird, I would expect the actual string title of the message being shown (which does in the title), or nothing.

Thought on why this is happening?

That’s very weird. Could you link to an event that has this issue, or open a support ticket (assuming you’re on the Saas

Is this on the latest SDK? I’m sure there was a bug at one point that boxed strings were serialized wrong.

I am at @sentry/browser 4.4.2.

Thanks guys. I’ll open a support ticket

The problem should be solved by upgrading to the latest version 4.5.2

That fixed it, sorry! Next time I’ll be actually sure to be in the latest version before asking.