Strange behavior on template group title

When sentry uses the message template to create the aggregation/rollup, it is displaying always the latest message as the group title. This leads to weird behavior like below:

Is there any way to change this behavior, for example, to use the message template as the title of the group, instead of the latest formatted message ?

That’s a good idea, would love to see that implemented.

We ran into this a couple weeks ago when debugging exceptions, and it caused a bit of confusion at first.

However having both titles was useful for us. Perhaps it’d be easier to change the “Message” Label to be something more descriptive?

Hey SecurityInsanity, thanks for the reply!

I gave a very silly example just to illustrate my point.

My point is - when there is no Exception involved, when it is just a warning message for example, containing parameters like Id, or username, or anything, we still would like to group them all in a single issue. We are doing that by using the templated message passing the parameters, instead of just sending the plain text message.
It works fine, sentry aggregates them on the UI, which is good.
The problem is: For the title of this Group, sentry displays the latest message - which may lead to confusion/misunderstanding from the perspective of who’s looking to the message, like on my screenshot.
It would be very nice if there was a way of showing the template on the title, like Test Parametrized message {0} for example, instead of the latest message rendered.