Migrating from manual startup to docker-compose

I am still running 9.1.2 from back when i was a sentry/docker newbie. I still am. But i managed to get it running from commandline and have since then just started the docker containers manually.
But i wanted to upgrade and make life easier for future upgrades, so i migrated my settings, so everything is correctly set up in docker-compose.yml and misc. settings files like .env.
But when i do a docker-compose up, the data there is not current. It has less events. And the project overview has nothing, no bars on the events for every project. How can that be? There is only supposed to be one data store for v9.1.2, postgresql?
I looked in my local /data/sentry/ … nothing
I looked in the containers /var/lib/sentry/ (and files/) … nothing
…so what am i missing? where are these things stored?

Redis? :slight_smile:

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