Migation Sentry finished with error

Hi, all.
I have some problem with migration my Sentry. I must say: I’m not really a good specialist in the program and I think that the error is quite simple: I missed something.

Firstly: I have Sentry in Docker container (there few containers with cron, PostgreSQL, sentry web, sentry worker and redis. There are container created by single docker-compose.yml). They are working good.

My clients have another containers with different services and they want that the all containers created by 1 docker-compose file. And in this step I have come problems.

Container for sentry are isolated from other.

  1. I’ll stop old containers (except container with PostgreSQL);
  2. I did dump file from database for sentry;
  3. Stop old PostgreSQL container;
  4. I created new container with docker-compose.yml (directory with database are mapping but it not work as default)
  5. I connected to sentry-web container and to do sentry --config=/path to sentry.py upgrade.
  6. After that I restored database from dump in PostgreSQL container.
    It look like working (I can connect to Sentry Dashboard, I can see all users) but I do not see any projects, tokens, API-keys.

Sentry stores this data not in the database, isn’t it?

P.S. Sorry, for my bad English. Let me know if you need some information. Thanks.

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I’m surprised by the order in which you do 5 then 6. Are you running the same version of sentry between the two setups ? I would have done a pg_restore on an empty database, which you should have at the end of 4.