Minidump upload + breadcrumbs

Can I not attach breadcrumb information to a minidump report ?

This doesn’t seem to be supported according to the minidump doc page ( (bummer !).

Hi Benjamin,

You can attach breadcrumbs just like tags (see

Curl examples:

$ curl -X POST \
  '' \
  -F upload_file_minidump=@mini.dmp \
  -F 'sentry={"breadcrumbs":{"values":[{"timestamp":"2019-01-15T09:52:23.978Z","message":"hello"}]}}'

# flattened
$ curl -X POST \
  '' \
  -F upload_file_minidump=@mini.dmp \
  -F 'sentry[breadcrumbs][values][0][timestamp]=2019-01-15T09:52:23.978Z' \
  -F 'sentry[breadcrumbs][values][0][message]=hello'

AH ! Thanks for the answer Jan.

How could I think that you guys wouldn’t think about that :slight_smile:

(maybe it’s worth adding this in the doc … for the next person trying to figure out whether breadcumbs are supported)