Missing required attribute in authentication header: sentry_secret

I am evaluating Sentry to standardise our logging across client and server. I have the messages coming from the client but not the server.

I am getting this error “raven@2.2.1 alert: failed to send exception to sentry: HTTP Error (403): Missing required attribute in authentication header: sentry_secret” when I try to execute Raven.captureMessage();

Meteor 1.6.
Node 8.8.1
Raven: 2.2.1

Any help would be appreciated.

I resolved this. Basically, for the server side, I needed to use a ‘Long DSN’ that includes the hashed secret key. I set the key in the project settings, and got the new Long DSN, and that sorted it.

Hi @robporter, I’m trying to setup sentry with meteor. On the server, I use @sentry/node and on the client @sentry/browser. All working good. However, I don’t know how to send source maps from meteor to sentry. Have you ever achieved that? Cheers