Multiple Builds Per Version

Does Sentry support having multiple builds per version?

I’m developing an Electron app, and getting Sentry up and running hasn’t been as easy as I’d hoped. I’ve been working my way through various issues, and finally have Sentry up and running, with build artifacts being uploaded so that crashes can be desymbolicated (well, de-minified is probably a better word here) and made readable (yay!).

Unfortunately, now I’m swinging back to code signing, and my headache is back. To sign a mac copy of the app, you have to do it from Mac. Technically it looks like you can do a windows version from a mac, but the documentation is over my head. I think I’m going to have to build twice: once from mac, and once from PC. Not that hard, I have a setup for that.

The problem is Electron. To desymbolicate it needs build artifacts. I am now going to have two different sets of build artifacts, one for windows, one for mac. Does Sentry support that in any way, or am I back in trouble?