Negations in search


Is it possible to add negations in search? (issues not having a tag?)

For example I can search for all issues related to React 16.7.0 like this:

is:unresolved react.version:16.7.0 

But this search will also show issues with other react versions if error happened in both.
I would like to show issues that are tagged with only tag I specify.
(So I would need to filter out certain tags)

Is this currently possible?

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Hello Daniel,

I was wondering the same today and my research suggests that support for it has been added in this pull request from the 12th of December 2018.

As we’re using a self-hosted Sentry instance that hasn’t received the latest commits yet I can’t confirm whether this actually works on or not.

Hopfully someone more knowledgable than me can shed some light onto this.

Reply from support:

Good morning!

Currently, no, it’s unfortunately not. We have some major improvements coming to our search functionality in 2019, however, and this feature is very likely to be included. I’d be happy to reach back out to you if and when it is.

Sentry Support Engineer

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