.NET solution with multiple Program.cs files

I’m trying to get sentry working in our C# solution that has multiple Program.cs files.

When I initialise Sentry (with using) in the main method of the first Program.cs, it works fine. When I try the other main methods, however, the errors don’t get reported. IsEnabled returns true, not sure what else to check.


Are all of those Program.cs different console applications? Is this .NET Framework or Core? What version?
Is any of those Main methods async?

Could you please share a repro? Maybe a GitHub repository which shows what’s going on?

Okay, bear with me a bit as I’m not a C# dev (been recently assigned to this project).

In the Properties section of each project they are all built as Windows Applications (as opposed to Console).

None of the Mains are async, what happens is the first one starts the second one as a process, and the second one does the same thing with the third.

I’ll try to create a small repo that demonstrates it.

They start the other with Process.Start()?
In any regard it sounds like you need to add Sentry.Init to each Main method, in each Program.cs.

Also, if those are Desktop apps, please make sure to check the docs.
For WPF and WinForms which require some extra step.

The repro will help though