NetworkError: 414 Request-URI Too Large

I’m having issues with Request-URI Too Large. Is there a way to convert the get’s to post’s, so it won’t have this issue?

Also, if there’s any other configuration to change this, please lead me the way.


We talked in IRC and came to the following conclusion:

11:48:42       clarity_ | Hey. I’m having an issue with URI too large
11:48:51       clarity_ | it appears that sentry uses get and not post
11:48:56       clarity_ | also, this is version 7.5.4
11:49:03       clarity_ | Is there a way to switch it to post?
11:54:46   mattrobenolt | clarity_: Sentry 8, unfortunately.
11:54:59   mattrobenolt | Sentry 7.x doesn't accept data over POST for raven-js.
11:55:24       clarity_ | okay, so I just need to upgrade to Sentry 8, and then, it’ll use posts?
11:55:32   mattrobenolt | You'd need to upgrade raven-js too.
11:55:44       clarity_ | Okay cool
11:55:46   mattrobenolt | Latest version of Sentry is 8.10.
11:56:07   mattrobenolt | And latest raven-js is 3.8,1
11:56:14   mattrobenolt | So my guess is you're currently on like, raven-js 1.x
11:56:27   mattrobenolt | I think 2.0 introduced POST.
11:56:47       clarity_ | 1.1.22
11:56:56       clarity_ | Okay awesome