Getting random 400 errors: "invalid value for version"


When sending error reports to Sentry we randomly receive back a HTTP 400 error with the body: {“detail”:“bad x-sentry-auth header”,“causes”:[“invalid value for version”]}

Running the exact same command repeatedly would result in some attempts succeeding and some failing, which leads us to believe there is something on Sentry’s side which sometimes treats requests differently.

(We are using the raven-clj library to report errors to Sentry from our Clojure/Java app.)

Does anyone else experience this issue? Any tips?

Hello @vincentdm, to be clear, you are referring to, right?

Hey, this issue should now be fixed. Let us know if it ever happens again on

Hi @untitaker

Thanks for the very quick response and fix!

We indeed use

I can’t immediately reproduce the issue, but if it occurs again I’ll let you know.

Best regards,