New alert type: Metric Alerts

Hi everyone,

We’ve been developing a new type of alert we’d like your feedback on. Today you can create alerts that are applied to individual Issues – when Sentry receives an event, it checks if alert conditions are satisfied for the Issue containing the event, and notifies you if the conditions match. A couple limitations of this are:

  1. It’s difficult to alert on overall error patterns in a project because conditions are applied to each Issue separately.
  2. It’s difficult to control noise because an alert is generated per Issue that matches the conditions.

Metric alerts aim to alleviate these problems by allowing you to aggregate and set thresholds on all events in your project, regardless of Issue. You can:

  • Filter on any event tags or attributes
  • Set separate warning and critical thresholds
  • Alert when event volume goes below a threshold
  • Send notifications to email and slack (more integrations coming soon)
  • View active and resolved alerts in the app

With Sentry’s performance features, metric alerts will also support metrics like latency and throughput soon.

Here’s what it looks like:

If you’re on SaaS, you can email to have this enabled for your org.
If you’re running Sentry yourself, the organizations:incidents feature flag controls access. Make sure you’ve upgraded recently (after Apr 6) to get the best experience with this feature.
Docs are available here.

It would be great to know:

  1. Is this going to be useful to you? If so, in what ways?
  2. What additional features would you like?
  3. Anything else