No Metric Alert custom integration


I am evaluating Sentry which looks pretty cool. I am inserting some custom transaction data using nodejs to test the distributed tracing. I’ve created an alert in Sentry on p95 transaction.duration which files, and I see the issue auto-resolves when the value goes back below my “resolved” threshold.

Two questions… I was not notified on this critical alert in pushover, even though I have a rule for this (I Am getting other critical alerts) My question is, normally in alerts I have the option to use custom integration for pushover alerts which works, but in the “metric alert”, The only option I see is “email notification”. How do I get these alerts sent to pushover?

Edit: looks like metric alerts do not support legacy integrations. Any plans to add this?

There are no plans to support metric alerts with legacy integrations. Your best bet is to set up an internal integration and hit pushover’s API.

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