New Docker installation V8 over python install V7.7 fails at /auth/login/

Hi there

I installed V7.7 using the python method a while ago on our UAT server and it worked, mostly. Later on, I installed V8 on our Production box using the docker method. This was much cleaner and more reliable.

I then tried to repeat the V8 install on the UAT, on top of the current V7.7. That seemed to go well, at first, and it tried running the migration scripts. It seemed to hang on one of the migration steps (all objects need a version? 297?) and I had to kill the process. The migration seems to carry on OK when I ran it again.

Once I’d managed to stop the old sentry instance starting up, the docker sentry would start, but now I get redirected to the auth page with an ‘Oops’ error. Where do I start debugging this? Where are the logs kept? I’m using Ubuntu 14.04.

If need be, I don’t mind wiping the existing database and starting again.

Many thanks


There is an error in /auth/login line 156:
window.sentryConfig = ;

I presume something is supposed to populate the missing scriptlet.

If the migration didn’t finish, you’re gonna have lots of issues. :slight_smile:

Going from 7.7 all the way to latest 8.14 is likely going to have some issues. If it’s possible, it’d be significantly easier to just wipe the db and start over.

Otherwise, trying to figure out why a migration failed might be a bit tedious, and it’s possible we have a migration or something that didn’t quite cover your case.

Thanks, I suspected I would have to start again.

What’s the best way to wipe it and start again?

Drop the entire database :slight_smile: