No data in Performance Monitoring

Hi everyone,

I’ve added Sentry’s PHP SDK for Error Tracking and the Sentry CDN for Performance Monitoring, and although attaching the following code in my footer (after the CDN is loaded) I am only getting JavaScript errors, no performance related data? I tried to find more information in the Docs about how to enable more performance related items, but it seemed unclear, and maybe I’m doing something wrong? Any feedback?

    dsn: '[REDACTED],
    integrations: [
      new Sentry.Integrations.Tracing(),
    tracesSampleRate: 1.0,

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I cant comment on if and how you enable this in self-hosted, but as a first step you can confirm that its sending an event at all by looking in your browsers network log.

As far as I can tell, it is sending an event, the API is returning a 200 status code:

Which version of Sentry on-premise are you using? v20.7.0 had a bug related to performance but we quickly resolved it with v20.7.1 so that or something more recent should get you the performance information.

Also make sure you updated your config file from as it has some changes to enable performance.


I am on 20.7.0, so that makes sense. I’ll complete this upgrade and report back.


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Hi again team - reporting back:

I did the upgrade to 20.8.0 (dev) and ensured my config file was updated but unfortunately no data (old or new) seems to be available. I confirmed after the change that the data is being sent to Sentry as expected and is returning a 200 code with an ID.

Any other thoughts you could have for me to look into I would appreciate!


Hi @brandinarsenault - since I was able to get this to work locally, I don’t know what else may be going on. What is the screen you are seeing on the performance tab?