Sentry Performance Monitoring - now available

Sentry Performance Monitoring now available for Python and JS

What’s New?

You may have noticed a couple of additions to your Sentry sidebar last week - Performance and Alerts. We’re excited to announce that our Performance Monitoring tools are now available for Python and JS (incl. Node, React, and Vue).

Getting Started:

  1. If you’re an existing Sentry customer, you’ll need to migrate your current plan to one of our new plans by adding Transaction events. We’re providing all users with 100K Transaction events for free. If you need more, Transactions are available for purchase in additional increments up to 10M. (Note: If you’re a new Sentry customer, you can skip this step. As of July 9, 2020, your plan already includes Transactions and Attachments.)

  2. Follow the short Performance Monitoring set-up instructions in our docs here

  • Also, to migrate from raven onto our new SDKs, we provide a couple of how-to guides:
  1. That’s it! You can now monitor Transactions in your Sentry Performance tab.

What You’ll Access:

Performance is our command center to monitor your application. Here, you can view a list of all of your endpoints and transactions and view a summary of any transaction in your application (read more here)

Tracing is where you’ll be able to see all of the finer details in your transactions. Here, you’ll be able to identify slow N+1 queries, any associated errors, or other bottlenecks in your application. (read more about tracing here)

Alerts is our newest evolution to problem detection in Sentry. Set metric alerts to track spikes in the overall number of errors in a project, or a violation of a performance metric like latency, apdex, failure rate, or throughput.

We’d appreciate any feedback and would be happy to answer any questions. Thanks!


When the older version’(10.x.x) was bumped to , Performance link is not available in the left hand menu and when accesed through the URL directly it says You don’t have access to this feature


Kinda figured the following works

adding feature update for performance in


@bowenc This is awesome!! when could we expect a release for Java & Go languages

Hi @prady - glad that you’re finding our performance features valuable. Is there any specific additional functionality that you’d like to see? Feel free to comment here or email

As far as Java and Go - we haven’t released any specific dates yet, but we are actively working on extending our platform support. PHP is up next :+1: