No events in c# sdk

I built sentry server based on docker-compose.
Use the c# example on the official website,but no events
I use "docker-compose ps " to check the status ,It’s all up

What can I do to check what is the problem?

Thank you for!

There quite a few things that could have gone wrong there.
Did you try the sample on a console app? Did you look at the terminal to see if there are console logs about the SDK failing to connect to Sentry?

The SDKs are designed not to throw so when things go wrong they just swallow the errors.

One way to narrow it down, create a (free) account on and use a DSN there to test your app/SDK integration. If the event shows there you know the problem is with your on-prem setup. If not, it’s likely the app/SDK problem.

Thank you very much.
I’ll try it first.

It should be my local environment problem .
How can I further troubleshoot the problem?

I have only run:
I didn’t have any issues.

Perhaps best to start a new thread and maybe someone with more experience running Sentry on premise can help you. I suggest adding more information about your setup otherwise it will be hard to diagnose the problem.

Last but not least: You can also use