No logs from TestFlight builds

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to integrate Sentry intro our app and everything works fine when I’m using debug or release build (not connected to debugger), but I’m not receiving any errors from TestFlight builds.

It is known “issue” or Am I missing something?

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I have the same issue, all logs work when testing on device and simulator but fails on TestFlight.

Hi @HazAT ,
according to your GitHub, it looks like you are working on sentry-cocoa. Can you give us any advice? I mean, it is intended behavior, or?

@benydc @HazAT I’ve tried it even on production build and there are no logs neither.

Hey, so no that is of course not intended behavior.
So we definitely have many customers that do not have this problem with this.

Can you share the code how you are setting up Sentry?
Does a simple message also not show up?

let event = Event(level: .debug)
event.message = "Test Message"
Client.shared?.send(event: event) { (error) in
    // Optional callback after event has been send

Can you link me to your Sentry account so I can inspect what’s going on.

Setup code: (it should be almost same as in docs with exception of DSN)

NSError *error = nil;
SentryClient *client = [[SentryClient alloc] initWithDsn:@"DSN code from ProjectSettings - Client keys (DSN) - DSN " didFailWithError:&error];
SentryClient.sharedClient = client;
[SentryClient.sharedClient startCrashHandlerWithError:&error];
if (nil != error) {
    NSLog(@"%@", error);

on top of that there is code for tracking user properties:

NSMutableDictionary *userParams = [[NSMutableDictionary alloc] init];
userParams[@"locale"] = [[NSLocale currentLocale] localeIdentifier];
SentryUser *user = [[SentryUser alloc] init];
[user setExtra:userParams];
SentryClient.sharedClient.user = user;

I will try to send an event later and also I’m going to send you info about my acc.

I got mine working, by enabling the
allowSecretKey: true, in Raven.config and also added the secret access key.
Made a build on TestFlight and it worked and received all logs!

Hey, so you were not using the sentry-cocoa SDK?
What kind of project are you running?

Hi @HazAT,
I tried to send some debug events and everything works perfectly. But still no crashes… Is possible that we have to do some additional setup because we have custom installation?

Thanks for helping me!

@ran did you install it with Cocoapods or Carthage?
Can you set logging to verbose and send me the output?

it is installed via Cocoapods.

What do you exactly mean by “the output”?

2018-01-09 13:53:12.410443+0100[329:12911] Sentry Started -- Version: 3.11.1
2018-01-09 13:53:14.187937+0100[329:12911] Sentry - Debug:: KSCrashHandler started
    ************************ Crash Handler Notice ************************
    *     App is running in a debugger. Masking out unsafe monitors.     *
    * This means that most crashes WILL NOT BE RECORDED while debugging! *
INFO : KSCrash.m (345): -[KSCrash sendAllReportsWithCompletion:]: Sending 0 crash reports
2018-01-09 13:53:14.208230+0100[329:12911] Sentry - Debug:: Sent 0 crash report(s)

Hey, @ran I am a bit clueless now tbh.
The log seems fine, if you can receive messages and crashes in debug it should also work on Testflight.
There must be something wrong with your setup.