Noninteractive first time setup of user via upgrade?


Hey folks!
I’m trying to automate our sentry install, using the docker method described here

I’m currently stuck on the “upgrade” step (for initialization).

The --no-interactive mode for the sentry upgrade command solves part of my problem, but how can I create an initial superuser without resorting to interactive mode?

Thanks for your help!



You can automate creating a user with sentry createuser:

Usage: sentry createuser [OPTIONS]

  Create a new user.

  --email TEXT
  --password TEXT
  --superuser / --no-superuser
  --help                        Show this message and exit.


Hi Matt

I am Using Docker Compose to automate the Sentry Installation as a Docker Container and I need to pass the prompt yes to create Super user and pass email, Password and Confirm same password during running the docker-compose run --rm web upgrade command.