Not sending messages from Chrome on iPhone and iPad

I’m testing on iPhone(iOS 11.4.1) and iPad (Mac OS X 10.13.4)

mobile Safari sends messages, chrome does not. Even testing with opera (based on chrome) I get no events.

<script src="" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
    Sentry.init({ dsn: '' });
    Sentry.captureException('this is a test');

I’ve also tried

<button onclick="onSendException()" id="sendErr">
    function onSendException(){
        document.querySelector("#sendErr").innerHTML = Sentry.captureException('custom error');

and can see that the uid gets generated, but no message is sent.

Has anyone else experienced this error and found a way to get it to work?

Thank you for posting this, apparently Chrome changed the implementation of the beacon transport.

We will release a patch version that disables the beacon transport and use fetch / xhr instead.

We released 4.6.5 which should fix the issue, please try it out @dasDaniel and report back.

That fixed it, thanks for the fast response response and patch!