Need to integrate sentry in angular

HI sentry,

Below are my queries and experience with sentry tools.

Query 1: I did check browser compatibility on your site but I am confuse in safari compatibility my query is sentry tools support IOS safari and mac safari or not? if yes then please provide version details. (our majority users are using IOS safari so these points need to must clear first.)

Query 2: I need to track all https client-server (XHR) errors so how we can track all errors? I did read many articles and blogs every one saying creates an intercept in Angular but I have already one intersect in my system which is creating conflicts in the integration of the sentry tool.

Query 3: If the HTTP request is getting fails then I need to include a payload of an HTTP request, Please provide a needful configuration for the same?

Query 4 : Now few errors are logged into the sentry dashboard but I did not get the where the code is breaking ( Angular component/file name and line number ) so please provide me that kind of configuration.

Angular Project version/details:

  • @angular/cli”: “~1.7.4”
  • @angular/compiler-cli”: “^5.2.11”