Notifications sometimes not sent


we’re using hosted Sentry. Sometimes notifications aren’t sent but appear as unread in the dashboard. It might be that these are “repeated” errors/regressions, i.e. errors that are similar to past errors, but I’m not sure – maybe this also applies to first-time errors.

We use email and slack notifications.

How can I debug this?


I’d start by reading through our short summary of how notifications work:

It’s likely its just a matter of understanding when you’re supposed to get notified.

Hi zeeg,

thanks. I simply didn’t find the rules tab. Also I’m not sure how the interval you set there (30 min by default) relates to the alert digests.

To be honest, while I find the error log UI very intuitive, I have difficulties understanding the navigation structure, particularly when it comes to settings.


We’re in agreement on settings. It’s a bit confusing in places, primarily because there are org settings, project settings, and personal settings.

The rule settings simply determine how often it generates an alert, whereas the digest says “all of the alerts generated in period of time”.