Stopped receiving emails from Sentry

Hi everyone,

Last week we changed our email provider to Google Suite. All the email addresses are working ok (we can receive and send email), but since then we have stopped receiving emails from Sentry (errors, notifications, weekly reports, etc…).

The last email from Sentry was received just before the provider change, and we have not received any more since.

We can see the errors and notifications through the Sentry control panel, but the emails are not being sent.

We’re running out of ideas on what to check, any help would be very much appreciated.


Is this or on-premise? If it’s on-premise you likely need to configure your outbound mail provider to get past Google’s filters.

Thanks David,

It’s I sent an email to support and someone from your team has already replied, so thank you guys for your help!

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@rsallo Do you mind sharing what the issue was and/or what the fix was?

I’m presumably hitting the same problem. I have a 2 person team configured on My teammate gets email notifications, and I don’t despite us having the same settings. We’ve tried a ton of different variations (including changing email addresses) to see if notifications would come through on my end but haven’t had any luck. I get them occasionally but not near enough for them to actually be useful. Strangely enough, I get the weekly digest emails every week without any problems.

Hi John,

Our problem was that we had gone over the free quota, due to a bug in the code that kept sending notifications like crazy. If your teammate is still getting them, then I guess the problem lies somewhere else.

Thanks for the heads up!

There’s two types of emails, and its possible thats where you’re seeing the confusion:

  • Workflow
  • Alerts

Workflow is sent on things like “resolved issue”, whereas Alerts are controlled by rules. Each of these has different cases where they’re sent and the way you subscribe/unsubscribe is quite different.

Both workflow and alerts are all set to ‘on’ and ‘always’ for every project. We’ve given up on email notifications for now and are going to use Slack instead.


we had the same issue. Creating new Alert Rules for every project helped us, basicaly we had to change defaults settings for “Send an email to” from ‘Issue owner’ to ‘Team’.

Go to Organization Config → Alerts → Create Alert Rule or modify existing one → there you’ll have Alert Condition section, and play with them.

Hope it helps someone.