On using password-based authentication alongside SAML2

Hello, all.

My organisation uses an on-premise installation of Sentry 9.1.1 with GSuite-backed SSO handled by the sentry-auth-saml2 plugin. Since employees’ GSuite and Sentry accounts are deleted when they leave the organisation, I was wondering if there’s a way of creating a permanent account (for creation of long-term, organisation-wide auth tokens, etc.) in Sentry and using it, without tying it to GSuite. As in, is there are way to log on to an on-premise Sentry installation using password-based authentication when the SAML2 auth plugin is enabled and active? (I’m also of the opinion that a secondary authentication mechanism would prevent GSuite SSO from being a single point of failure.)

Thank you.

I think you can just create a superuser from the command line tool and use that user as the main user?