Override environment tag on ruby saven

Hi, I’m trying to setup a rails project to report events in different environments using the tags attribute.

Raven.configure do |config|
  config.tags = { environment: 'staging' }

The thing is that this environment is really running the production environment on rails. Rails.env = "production"

This used to work, but not anymore, now all events have their environment tag as production regardless the value of the environment tag. In fact I remember reading this on the ruby sdk documentation, but I couldn’t find it now…

Any ideas??


well, even if I manually do something like this.

Raven.capture_message "My event",
  logger: 'logger',
  extra: {
    my_custom_variable: 'value'
  tags: {
    environment: 'staging'

The event is saved with the tag environment: "production"

well, I receive a super fast reply on github issues