Excluded Tags on an Integration

Not sure if Integrations is correct for this, but I’m using the Ruby client to capture_message and you have to supply tags as key:value. The excluded tags list on the input is just a comma separated list but nothing that I enter in there is working. Can someone help me out with what I’m supposed to enter on the integration configuration so that these events are no longer sent to that integration? The tag I’m sending is slack: "noslack".


Ditto!! This isn’t working for us either!

Trying to exclude environment:dev issues from appearing in Slack or only include environment:production, environment:test and it doesn’t work.

Shame the OP posted this in March an response from Sentry!

The ‘Excluded Tags’ section is for tags that you don’t want to see in the notification - this is to allow you to customize what information you see when the alert is triggered.

If you want to use tags as a way to determine whether or not an alert notification is actually triggered, you need to do this in the alert rule itself and set that condition. This is done under your project settings > alerts > rules.