Prevent email digests (grouping) of alerts

We upgraded from Sentry v9 over the weekend to the latest and the only change that we can’t figure out is preventing the auto-digest of error alerts. It seems to be random in that I will get some errors one at a time, or I will get them grouped within a 1 minute window (I think based on our project settings).

We would like to receive the errors one a time since it has all of the key information we need at a glance to know if the error is a serious concern or if it can be delayed. Is there a setting that I can change to make that happen?

Hi @CalebJTSmith and very sorry for the late response. The newer versions has seen a bunch of improvements and refactoring around alerts and notifications. It is hard to pinpoint what specifically is going on your system but I think giving a read to our docs may help you decipher it.

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