Private Sourcemaps not Working

I’m using the webpack-sentry-plugin, but had just been uploading through curl as well.

The maps seem to be uploading properly and everything from what I can tell looks in order.

The files are all named properly (~/assets/index-[hash].js) in the release, but the source maps are still not applying.

Not sure what the issue is? Sourcemaps work locally for me. I’m using Webpack2 with the webpack uglify plugin being used to prepare everything.

Really at a loss for what to look into. Any guidance would be really appreciated! Thanks.

The most likely reason for this is that you did not upload the minified files and we cannot fetch them.

I dunno, it looked like it worked okay?

I was seeing assets in the releases that were created at least. Didn’t see a way to dig into them and validate the upload was actually intact.

I just switched over to using inline source maps which works fine. Not sure what/where/why the private upload was busted tho :frowning: