Source maps not working

we’ve started uploading our sourcemaps to Sentry so we could see full stacktrace. We’re using the Sentry Webpack plugin, running Sentry 9.1.2 and the sourcemaps are created with hidden-source-map preset and deleted at the end of the build process (however, when I download them from Sentry, they seem to be correct). During the build process, the webpack module successfully recognizes the sourcemaps:

Source Map Upload Report
  Minified Scripts
    /re/js/script1.js (sourcemap at
    /re/js/script2.js (sourcemap at
  Source Maps

Those JS files are served at etc., so their path in Sentry is the same as their path on the web.

But still, we only see the stacktrace with minified code, which is pretty useless. Are we the only one with this issue?

Is it possible to share one of the files and its source map for investigation?