Private vs Public DSN


I’ve recently upgraded to the latest sentry from 8.10 and the private DSN seems to be deprecated and hidden by default.

We have an authenticated proxy (with a public address) to access the sentry UI but we use the internal address of the sentry to ingest events so the libraries don’t have deal with proxy authentication.

I played around with the configuration but I can’t get a working config where the project settings Project Settings -> Client Keys (DSN) use the internal address instead of the public one. I have to press “Show deprecated DSN” to get a deprecated DSN with the internal address.

current config:

SENTRY_OPTIONS["system.url-prefix"] = env("SENTRY_PUBLIC_ENDPOINT")

I tried not setting SENTRY_PUBLIC_ENDPOINT which makes the internal address to be used in the DSNs, but I get Javascript errors as the UI tries to access the internal endpoint which is ofc not available publicly.

Any ideas?