Configure private DSN

Hi, there! I have Sentry on premise with DSN in every project =

In order to reduce data transfer bill, i want my backend to send events from internal traffic (private ip ->
Is it possible? How do i set it up?

Not sure if I understand the question. I think you can simply use the internal domain in the DSN manually and it would work?

I’ve found out why private DSN (internal network) didn’t work. It’s because i’m using http instead of https.
It works now. Now all my app is using private DSN to send the events.

Anyway in config.yml file, in “system.internal-url-prefix”, what is the correct value?
the public DSN or the private one?

When i put public/private DSN, sentry’s still working fine.

The system.internal-url-prefix settings it not for a DSN but to tell relay how to contact Sentry internally. This should have no affect on the DSN generation.

We don’t recommend using the private DSN on externally accessible code.