Problem with High Requests

it took me few days to find out why my PHP App is crashing and not loading anymore. I checked Server and runcloud for hours. Now i found out that my Sentry Server was down, therefore PHP app not functionally anymore.

Question: Can i tune Sentry to handle more than a few 100 Request? My PHP App will receive 10k Connections per second. If theres some Error, or undefinied index or something, Sentry gets spamed until sentry crashes. Only restart helped me.

Sentry System: Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS
Running on Docker

Please help?

Have you looked into rate limiting:

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No didn’t found it but now i did. Wow.
There was no Limit, maybe therefore my Sentry Server got crashed as it was flooded with 15k Errors while a Load Test on my PHP App and some Error during that Test :smiley:
I hope that setting a Limit and retry to 2 hours will protect Sentry Server now for going down. :slight_smile: I also tuned the NGINX in Sentry-Server and made some more CPU Cores.

Could you report back your findings?