Processing 404 errors

We use sentry for tracking errors from symfony2/php based website
Right now all 404 errors are throw Symfony\Component\HttpKernel\Exception\NotFoundHttpException
As I understand - sentry group them into one issue?
If I will click on ignore - sentry will ignore all exceptions based on name OR only exactly the same exceptions (with the same additional data send)?
Also I cant find where can I get list of currently ignored exceptions?

Right now 404 errors are flooded with various “GET /wp-login.php” useless requests.
The only one idea I have - send separate exception for each 404 url based on hash of url. Something like
So only exactly the same urls would be grouped and being ignored.

Any better ideas? Maybe I am missing/misunderstand something in sentry?

Thanks in advance, Andrew

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All events are grouped by the metadata, often the stacktrace. If all 404’s have the same stacktrace, they’ll all be grouped together. This means that taking an action on the issue affects the entirety of the issue (not only certain events within it). You can override how fingerprinting works, which would change grouping, though you’d have to capture the error yourself (vs our automated handlers).

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Thanks, David! Thats exactly what I have looked for!

What about ignored exceptions - where can I see list of exceptions, which I have decided to ignore and manage that list?

Just tweak your search query. Our default saved searches all include is:unresolved. Change that to is:ignored and your gold.

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Can you please help me in sentry?

I am unable to track 404 Errors by using Sentry for my javascript projetc

Me too. I am also not able to track 404 errors.