Project conventions for react-native

I integrated react-native-sentry into a simple test and found that when they are configured to upload sourcemaps to the same project I actually get a new release on the website each time I build. Specifically:

  1. build version 1.0 for ios. Observe a new 1.0 release is created on the website.
  2. build version 1.0 for android. Observe a second 1.0 release is created.

I’m not sure what I expected but it seems there should just be a 1.0 release and then environment or some other tag (app bundle id would work in my case) for ios vs android.

Has anyone else noticed this? Is there a way to configure things so that it doesn’t create two releases with the same name?

Fundamentally the ios and android builds have different source/sourcemaps because the toolchain compiles out any platform-specific if-statements so I’m not clear how to make that work on sentry. I have source+sourcemaps+dsym for ios, and source+sourcemaps+proguard for android and source+sourcemaps have conflicting names between the two.

Certainly one option is to just define an ios project and an android project but I anticipate most issues will be in the javascript which is basically the same between the two projects so I’d want sentry to merge issues across the two platforms as much as possible.

I have discovered that the ios/android automated uploads create different releases with the same name which is unfortunate but it does separate the artifacts properly.