Prometheus Alertmanager

Hi Community,

I have a rather (according to my google results) exotic question. Maybe also because I elaborate in the wrong direction.

Our “core alerting infrastructure” is based on Prometheus/Alertmanager.

Now, Sentry has its own let’s say alerting ecosystem. Fair enough.

What I want to achieve / find out is that I can route alerts from Sentry to Alertmanager so that they can join our normal “incident” lifecycle.

Because, our Alertmanager is paired with VictorOps, Slack, a log server etc. I do not want every integration twice (Sentry and AM) just once.

I can neither find online a success story for this nor a “alertmanager integration”. Maybe my thinking has a flaw but it should be possible IMO.

Can anyone shed a light? If not, can someone share a “custom” basic super simple webhook integration example (which I also did not find)?

Thank you.

PS: Just to be clear, I do not want to monitor Sentry itself, I wanna forward Sentry Events to Alertmanager!