Protocol read buffer underflow - kafka error

I’ve sentry V10 onpremise installed and running in virtualenv. upon sending an event sentry worker produces following logs

sentry-worker %3|1592905737.833|PROTOUFLOW|rdkafka#producer-1| [thrd:ip:9092/8]: ip:9092/8: Protocol read buffer underflow at 30/30 (rd_kafka_handle_Produce_parse:1751): expected 4 bytes > 0 remaining bytes (incorrect broker.version.fallback?)

This is the kafka related package i have installed

Quick googling of the error message reveals this: which leads to

I think that’s your problem.

Also please note that we do not recommend using Sentry 10+ without Docker and our official setup.

thansk @BYK , i did looked at the link pointed by you but couldn’t figured out what exactly to fix and where. Can you please pinpoint what should be fixing ?

I think you need to set api.version.request=false for this to work.