Too many Buffer Error /api/{project_id}/store/

Here is the raw error being reported by sentry:
BufferError: Local: Queue full
File “sentry/web/”, line 386, in dispatch
project = self._get_project_from_id(six.text_type(project_id))
File “sentry/web/”, line 294, in _get_project_from_id
track_outcome(0, 0, None, Outcome.INVALID, “project_id”)
File “sentry/utils/”, line 162, in track_outcome
“quantity”: quantity,
File “sentry/utils/”, line 75, in publish
self.producer.produce(topic=channel, value=value, key=key)

I’m getting these errors reported by sentry? Is there any issue with Kafka or it’s config in sentry onpremise ( 0352ff85)

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Please see

We have publish a fix for this a few hours ago so if you update your installation, it should be fixed now.

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