Quotas and rate limiting projects on-premise?

Is this possible to do? I’m not seeing the options referenced in the docs.


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We’re going to be releasing a new version of this feature which works a bit better in On-Premise, but you can set a system wide rate limit via the Sentry admin panel:


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Great, thanks!

This will return a 429 return code when exceeded?

Yep, our API always returns valid status codes.

Wow, seemingly nothing within Sentry’s dashboard links to /manage/settings/, but that is indeed where the global rate limiting seems to live.

What about project-specific rate limiting? Are there hidden dashboards for settings those values too?

Project rate limits are available per-Client Key. There is a link to the “Admin” page on your user settings popout menu.

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To follow up here, I added a bit to the throttling documentation, which was just pulled in today:

Happy throttling!