Raven-coredump for C/C++ and other native code

I’ve started working on a sentry agent for collecting crashes from C/C++ and other native programs on Linux. The github repo is here:

I have only tested it on CentOS 6, CentOS 7 and Fedora 26. In essence you install raven-coredump as the system coredump handler and then it will process the core locally and generate and send a sentry event.

Since it doesn’t run in the same process as the crashing program it does not follow the guidelines for how a client should typically look and behave (https://docs.sentry.io/clientdev/)

I hope someone else finds this useful. Contributions are welcome.


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We’re currently playing around with adding proper minidump support. Work for this has started on the main sentry repository. Just wanted to give a heads up in case that is of interest for you.


Thanks for the heads up, that is of great interest to me! Saves me from doing work! :slight_smile:

@mitsuhiko This is awesome!

Is there a rough timescale for when those 2 PR’s might make into hosted sentry.io?

We’re aiming for having a barebones version up for early adopters in about two weeks.

Great! We’ve got an Electron app making calls into a dozen native binaries and this is exactly what we need.

Just a quick update, we have started putting more focus on getting minidump support into Sentry a couple of weeks ago. We are currently finishing up support for Linux and macOS by fixing outstanding issues and making the integration process as smooth as possible. Limited support for Windows will follow soon after.

I am hoping to officially release this soon, but if you would like to try out now just send me a quick heads-up at jan.auer@sentry.io

Any updates on this?

Minidumps and Electron are now officially supported, though still in preview. Have a look at the resources below for more information: