Sentry minidump endpoint

I was doing some testing today and noticed the minidump endpoint has started working in hosted sentry so I did a little bit of poking around. I’m aware this is not fully supported (or finished?) yet, but wanted to share some of my results:

Firstly, enabling or disabling Reprocessing active under Processing Issues always reports:
Which I reported as a bug.

I setup the correct url and tested by crashing our Electron app on every platform:

Native exceptions go in Processing Issues as you would expect as I haven’t uploaded any debug symbols.

Dumps appear to be getting rejected. With only HTTPS allowed, I can’t see enough to be sure why. Electrons built in breakpad reporter log simply says: dump for pid =3928 crash2 id =<network issue>

Using Wireshark, I can see quite an extensive conversation going on with the sentry servers so it looks like the dump file is at least being POSTed.

Overall this is looking very promising!

Hi Tim,

thanks for reaching out about this :slight_smile: Minidump support is still in progress (we had to push back on the timeline, unfortunately) but as you noticed most features are already functional. There is no documentation yet, that I could refer you to, but feel free to reach out to me if you want to try it out.

Submitted crashes show up and also symbolicate if you upload symbols (sentry-cli upload-dsym). However, some features like App frame detection might not work correctly in all cases; and there are some internal processing issues that you can safely disregard for now.

Issues with symbolicating Linux crashes have been fixed a couple of days ago. To symbolicate these crashes, you will have to upload breakpad symbols (sentry-cli upload-breakpad - undocumented). We are currently trying to figure out the best way to upload native debug symbols. Some features, like in app frame detection, will also not work correctly here.

I didn’t start testing with Windows yet, but the error you described has likely been fixed yesterday. Feel free to try again. Symbolication will not work as of now, but we might enable it soon for Breakpad symbols.

Hi @jauer,

Was just trying out the minidump endpoint ourselves and absolutely love it. For our use case with electron, we would be ready to switch to it as is, except for one thing… we can’t tag the exception with custom information.

We currently pass up userId and other info in the crash report extra params, and they appear just fine under “Additional Data”, but we need the exception itself to be tagged with userId and release so we can easily search and filter on that data. Not sure if support for that is already on your roadmap, but it would definitely be super useful.

Also, any idea on roughly when the feature will be ‘released’?


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We will launch a public beta for Minidump crash reports soon - including documentation for all these things. That being said, you can include custom information in the Electron CrashReporter like this:

  productName: "MyProduct",
  companyName: "MyCompany",
  submitURL: "<project>/minidump?sentry_key=<token>",
  uploadToServer: true,
  extra: {
    "sentry[release]": "myrelease",
    "sentry[tags][foo]": "bar"

Most likely, you would like to specify release, tags or extra. Any other extra value that is not prefixed with sentry will appear in the Additional Data section of the issue. Like I said, there will be documentation about that soon - but feel free test and provide feedback :slight_smile:

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