Raven is not an exported member

I’m setting up Sentry in an Angular 2 app.

I have this line
import { Raven } from ‘raven-js’;

Which gives me a typscript error of
"thepath/angular-seed-advannced/node_modules/raven-js/typescript/raven"’ has no exported member ‘Raven’.

Any suggestions?

I’m not sure about our typescript support right now but Raven should be the default export:

import Raven from 'raven-js';

@lebsral – check out our Angular 2 docs.

I got a similar error, following the angular 2 docs for angular cli and webpack:

ERROR in Error encountered resolving symbol values statically. Reference to a no
n-exported class RavenErrorHandler. Consider exporting the class (position 45:1
in the original .ts file), resolving symbol AppModule in D:/dev/COE/COEStudentAP

The offending line seemed to be:

class RavenErrorHandler implements ErrorHandler {`

and the answer for me was to prepend ‘export’ to the class:

export class RavenErrorHandler implements ErrorHandler {

Maybe this is a docs bug?